Progression panel!

iSo yesterday was the day of my panel. I tried not to be nervous but ended up making myself totally scared shitless by thinking I wouldn’t know the answers to any of the questions about my work which is ridiculous.

I took along a lot of my practical work and sketch books/portfolio to show what I’d been up to which went down really well. They said I’d produced a fair amount so that was encouraging. 

I got some excellent feedback and a lot of avenues to explore including ideas about kntting for loved ones, reading mourning and melancholia by Freud, thinking about my question and how my work relates to it. It was a lot to take in but very beneficial to hear others opions.  

What I need to do as well is make sure I explain things properly. I didn’t explain enough about the love cafes, like how many I did or who took part etc. I need to make sure I tell people all this stuff. I’m thinking about creating an element of my website with all this on so it’s all there to pull back from on different pages. 

Also I need to be more ‘involved’ and take ownership of my work and say yes and no when questioned. This is what I’m going to work on….to know my direction and not be as passive. 

It was really interesting to have the different feedback from my examiners who were a social scientist with a fashion specialism and a reader in cultural theory and art history so it really made me think about my direction. 

It also became apparent that examiners are always going to say totally different things related to their own specialism so this is why I have to make sure I ‘own’ my idea and ‘know’ my stuff. 

I enjoyed it and was relieved to pass to the next stage. Also that they were really interested in my making techniques so I can get on with making for a bit!!!!!

So onwards and upwards with the crocheting!  

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