Ideas around making

Since the panel yesterday I’ve not had much time to think about how to progress with my research yet, but as a starting point the discussion around my methods of making was really interesting. In terms of using the story to focus and create the vision for the making including allowing it to determine the materials I am using.

So at the moment I’m going to work with the crochet a bit longer and keep filming my progress. 

I’m going to buy a video camera too as I think this will be an essential bit of kit! 

The crocheting is driving me mad to be honest! I’m still trying to ‘knit’ rather than treating it any differently. I’ve bought a ‘modern’ book and mum has given me an ‘old’ book of techniques but I still think the way I need to learn is from people so I will speak to Hilary tomorrow and try and master it a bit more….!

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