Progress Report Submitted!

It’s happened!  It’s in!  I did it!

I just was re-reading posts I’d written when I got my first re-writes and how crushing it felt to have to change things I thought I’d got right, but after several changes and absolutely brilliant support from my supervisors (thanks Steve and Anna) I got there in the end.  I did have a couple of bad migraines which meant I couldn’t do as much as I had wanted to , but I worked right up to the deadline and I’m glad I did!  It allowed me to uncover more than I thought I would.  I experimented with different writing styles and using the ‘artists voice’ which helped me be myself and allowed me to start processing how things fit together.  Creating this diagram helped with that.time-line-with-pictures

It allowed me to visually see how all my work and theory stuff fits together.

Anyway all in all when I got into it I enjoyed the process although, it has been awful and stressful in other ways, but it feels like the boss to the next level on a computer game that i’ve just completed…so fingers crossed I pass the presentation!!!!

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