Hairbrush …

So for the last few days (since Tuesday) I have had a full on migraine session. It is still behind my eyes but I’m choosing to ignore it at the moment. I am wearing sunglasses as I type! I can’t actually look at my computer and too many words make my head hurt so I’ve chosen to do a bit of drawing for the moment. Last week I picked up a hairbrush at a car boot sale, which related to a story someone dictated to me regarding their lost love (father).  Their object was a hairbrush and the photo I was shown had a keen resemblance to the one I found so I want to experiment with that when I’m back at work and after the progress panel. I drew up some sketches of the way it could be cast in silicone with the bristles forming a separate piece on on the top. It wouldtake three pours for it to be right which makes me think the best thing to buy is my own vac chamber….. Any ways, here are the drawings I came up with today. I haven’t worked out the leather casing of the object yet but this normally comes when the silicone is cast.

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