Finished the First Draft!

So Today I managed to finally complete my progression report…! Whoop, I’m very please with myself.  I’m sure it will come back with revisions as there are a few bits I was unsure fully about, but that’s the process right!?

I have really enjoyed immersing myself into the research this week. I discovered new artists I had never heard of, remembered work i’d done that i’d forgotten about and remembered why I love reading!  It’s also meant that i’ve cut down on looking at social media and watching TV!

Tomorrow I hope to get some making done if the workshops are open at work!  I’ve been looking forward to analysing stories so I might have a good go at that too to see where to start.

This evening I have moved my blog over from blogger to wordpress to enable it to be used on my blog so that was exciting….Just got to see if I can get it to work on there.

Then out with my furry friends for a walk in the countryside after a stressful week of reading!



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