Discovering new artists – Horst Hoheisel.

This morning has been all about trying to get this literature review sorted.  It’s harder than I thought and as I am just re-writing some poorly written stuff it seems harder than writing new.

I am nearly there with it so I can start on fresher things.

I did however go off on one a bit this morning whilst trying to write about the hand pieces I made here:

These pictures were taken by Alexandra Oddy who was a photography student I was put in touch with.  She made the white work well!!!
Anyway, I showed Anna these the other day and she mentioned to look at an artist called Horst Hoheisel a German artist.  I got quite absorbed in it as he creates ‘anti memorials’ and his work began by trying to process his emotion of the Holocaust and his upbringing as a German man.  In 1987 he created a fountain in his home town of Kassel, Germany that was to replace the Aschrottbrunnen that had been destroyed by the Nazi’s as it had been a gift from a Jewish man to the city.  He actually wasn’t the chosen one to do the memorial, however he protested the new idea which was a ‘new fountain’ to commemorate all the history involved in it which he did not feel was appropriate.  Instead he sunk the fountain into the ground, an exact negative replica, allowing the water to drain downwards through the inverted obelisk.  Ellen Handler Spitz’s paper was so interesting and discussed the idea that not becoming a memorial that takes away or somehow appeases us of thinking about the history, it draws you in and makes you look and think about it.  That’s what I need to do with the pieces I am creating.  It reminded me of the process of the hand pieces with the inverted watch.  Making the onlooker question what the indentation of the watch symbolises.  Spitz goes on to discuss how even though as an artist we create things and in this process, actually process our own emotion into the object it does not ensure this is what is felt by the onlooker.  I am looking to question if this can be something that the onlooker can feel from the object.
So overall an interesting read and ideas generated.  Just got to work out how to get them onto paper!

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