Morality of mourning – Warwick University

I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Morality of Mourning conference at Warwick university which got funding from the Wellcome Trust so it was a free conference essentially!

It was a weird one as wasn’t sure what kind of thing to expect and I would be surrounded by historians and other academics, when all i’ve been used to before is fashion!

The first day was really interesting as it was quite a small conference which made me feel better.  I was on the first day too, one of the first speakers (I think I was 5th).  Some of the speakers were people like funeral celebrants who talked about how people remembered loved ones with objects and created funeral landscapes around coffins with objects of memory.  Other interesting ideas involved memorials as trees, crematorium history, other art ideas about memory of death.  It was so inspiring and I really enjoyed meeting new people.  I came away with a whole lot of ideas!  Looking forward to more new conferences.

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