Making and now a rest and contemplation time.

So it was a hard few days in the studio. I think I’m just knackered from all the work lecturing and then finding 3 days worth of energy for physical making has worn me out a bit! I’m glad I did it though as I learnt some new processes, learned to work with new materials and regained some of my knowledge that I seemed to forget! 
It was interesting working in the epoxy and although it hasn’t set on Tuesday it had by Wednesday so I managed to pull out a watch from a mould I had just done as had some left over from other tasks. It was actually interesting as I started o look at it more that this is a shadow of what it used to be being clear, however it still resembles the original. 

I put everything from the last 3 days in a box and there seemed to be a lot of done! The hand casts actually worked better the more I got into them and I’ll clean them up this week and add to here. Although a lovely object, I’m not sure if it’s what I want although could be an interesting side project. I’ll continue with the epoxy to see what results I get from putting over the face mould and see how that looks 

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