Studio day and Experimentation 21st March 2016

On Friday I prepped a few bits and had played around on Thursday with casting my own hand and worked out how I was going to cast the locket into the hand.  This is the one that I produced, which I realised doing it the way I had been by laying the locket into the alginate mould directly made it uneven and hard to get in the right place.

So today I had a few things I wanted to attempt.  First of all I had poured silicone into my silicone moulds after spraying with a wax release agent.  They turned out so well and so detailed!  And didn’t stick to the mould!  These will be used in the new hand cast and also the arm piece when I get to that stage.

I also wanted to try experimenting with latex after an interesting chat with Natalie McCreesh as we have been discussing tattooing silicone.  I painted a few layers of latex on to a plaster base to create a piece of skin…I then wanted to try painting it onto Emma’s face cast and peel off.  It had exciting results.

And then lastly I wanted to use the faces for their original reason which was to cast with epoxy resin fabric over the cast.  I quickly came to realise that I will need an inverted mould to push down onto the top of it to get the fabric into the crevices, but I will have a look at the results tomorrow.

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