A bit of mould making and casting

So it’s been a really good couple of days spending a few hours in the workshop.  I’ve wanted to have  a go at developing ideas of imprinting memories etc and so have ordered a fair bit of silicone, resin, epoxy and alginate to have a play with  (when it turns up).  This was my watch that I made a mould for yesterday and did some fast cast in today to see how it had turned out.  The mould was immaculate and so I plan to cast into it again and bend the watch inside out to use to ‘de-press’ into an arm so it looks like an inverted watch.

This is my hand….
Covered in alginate….

Then whilst I was being helped to put the plaster bandage on it reminded me of the embalming process and how objects were buried with loved ones in ancient Egypt for travelling to the afterlife.  Embalming also reminded me of the tombs and shrines, leading back to the idea of the reliquary…

The alginate mould needed to incorporate the locket or the object to be imprinted into it.  I tried to mould brooches, lockets, purses, but the plaster wasn’t on my side so I actually used the real locket to imprint in instead.

Now I’ve worked out the process I feel I need to cast the hand as is, then make a plaster version.  Position the item that is going to be imprinted and flatten that area on the plaster mould.  Then recast in silicone?  Or Alginate and then add the item to the mould.  Then pour in the plaster or material to create the final piece.  I want to also try using the watch to embed into an arm…..

Hopefully tomorrow all my order will have arrived and I can have a go with the epoxy resin!  Wahoo!

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