First Real Interview

So on Sunday 13th March, I conducted my first real interview out loud and not on a family member!  I have spoken to a man who lives in the village who wanted to get involved with the project and had a couple of stories to tell.

Having read a couple of books about methodology and interviewing techniques last summer I was conscious not to interrupt, prompt too much or lead the conversation and thankfully my participant let the story take him, with only a small prompt regarding objects.

What was interesting was the object he chose to remember a lost relationship (in this case a love who left him out of jealousy) was that the object was something that she took that belonged to him, however this is still an object that reminds him of the relationship (a wok).  It was interesting to make this a consideration in terms of how people remember a lost love using an object, that the object might not even exist to them anymore so it may be about re-interpretation of this object into an artefact too.

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