Casting a face

Friday I wanted to do something practical and I have had an idea, further on from my PhD but for another way of imprinting memories….this time imprinting the person on the object.  It was good to be able to cast again and this is somehting I don’t have much experience of as I would like to.  Thankfully I had the help of Ryan who has had to do this before for the conteporary art students and a willing volunteer, my friend Emma.

I was in the most part happy with the result, although lost a lot of the nose which I will have to build back up.  Also a few airbubbles.  Before I left I repoured into the alginate and left to set until monday as this might give a better impression as the plaster was thinner.

I then want to clean it up and try casting into a jersey or stretchy T-shirt or fabric to see if it holds the shape of the face.

Annoyingly I thought of a really good idea before I fell asleep and thought…make sure you remember that tomorrow….which obviously I now don’t!  So note to self….Make sure you write things down before bed!!!!!

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