Conferences and residencies applied for to date

Just thought I should be keeping a diary of all the conferences and residencies I’ve applied for throughout my PhD! Also what I submitted so I can see its evolution. Also I think I need to make my blog a toolbar favourite so I remember to do it and private so I can just gabble on!!! I’m currently our dog walking as I write this, but I suppose this is the time sometimes I do my best thinking…

So far this year and the tail end of last:

-November The (After) Lives of Things: Deconstructing and reconstructing material culture.
Feedback: None given

-December 30th. Journal of popular romance – definition of lost love 5000 word paper. Unsuccessful.
This submission feels more like a creative work or opinion piece (with elements of a review article) than a traditional academic text offering an argument and testing it against critical theory or secondary literature or a hypothesis. It appears to address the question whether an artefact can be created to store the memory of lost love. We felt, however, that this question was not addressed clearly enough, and that the fragmented format leaves too many questions open and constantly distracts the reader. It would take a disproportionate amount of work to make it fit comfortably among the other pieces we have selected. 
-January. Fashion and the Body Symposium. St. Paul University, Minnesota- exhibition piece.
Successful and attending in April. 

Reviewer #1: While this is an interesting idea and piece, it does NOT relate to the theme of fashion and the body clearly. The connection to the chest and neck is not thoroughly explained, and could be much stronger. You have such an opportunity here…..
Reviewer #2: The purpose is clear. No link is made to the symposium theme. Implementation of purpose is well done and process is clearly explained.
Please note that we decided to accept the submission based on scores. When presenting at the conference—please make clear the connection to the conference theme—Fashion and the Body
-January. Made@EU residency Plymouth.Unsuccessful athough feedback was positive
Your submission was one of several that particularly impressed the selection committee, and although it has not been possible to include your project under the Made@EU scheme, we are hoping that similar opportunities might arise in the not too distant future. With this in mind if you agree we would like to keep your submission on file in case such an opportunity should arise. 

-February. Art House Residency Wakefield.
Still waiting to hear.

-February. Materiality of Mourning Warwick.
Still waiting to hear.

-March. Spring Residency Leeds Left Bank. Unsuccessful.
No individual feedback.

It’s nice to see all the things i’ve applied for even though the majority of them I haven’t suceeded with!  I suppose if I can get a couple of things a year that would be good.  I am also writing a review of the Creative Cut 2 conference just becuase I don’t feel I’ve had the chance to do much creative writing and wanted to get back into the swing of it!



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