Talk to The Huddersfield Association of Women Graduates

Saturday was an exciting morning as I got the chance to talk to the Huddersfield Association of Women Graduates regarding my PhD idea and the research I have already done.  As I won the scholarship last year I was looking forward to meeting them all.  My idea had changed quite significantly from the disability clothing to the lost love so I was a little apprehensive as to what they would think.

Thankfully they gave me a warm reception and found the idea exciting and innovative.  We had a discussion at the end where some of the ladies offered up their own lost love stories, which is exactly why i’m doing this project.

I surprised myself actually at how much I knew about the different areas so that also made me a bit happy too!

I also realised this is a great way forward in terms of the collection of the lost love stories and maybe presenting the idea to groups is also a way forward…..?  I am thinking of contacting a few local organisations such as the WI, church groups, history society, coffee mornings etc to see if I can go and present the idea to them.  I think this will help me gain confidence in my idea and presenting and also give people more of a chance to submit their stories.

I am going to make sure I can keep up with this blog too in terms of writing down my ideas as I think this way of keeping a record is what I need to do!

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