Literature review map

This morning after waspgate (I had an infestation of wasps in my roof and spent the afternoon trying to stop them infiltrating too far into my house!!! After pest control came I then had to deal with hundreds of dying wasps in the living room…. Arghh!)

Anyway I feel like I’ve been getting a bit too over excited about reading and strayed from love to objects, then realising I need to be more systematic and ‘finish’ the love section before getting carried away. 
Having spoke to a collegue, every time she has read something new, she maps it onto a mind map…. So I have tried to do something similar to get in order! 
I’ve so far mapped out all the areas for the literature review I think I need to focus on… Straight forward… Then all the areas within that that I need to look further into…getting busier!
Then how they link with each other to an extent…this is where I get myself confused!
Then who is doing what in that area. Because I am doing this by practice I also need to look at other practitioners too which is where I think I get confused! 
Anyway below is where I’m at. I’m going to put this up on the wall and keep adding to it!

I’m now going to make folders on my computer to enable me to drop in bits to each one…! I feel a bit more organised now. 
I just find it hard to concentrate when I’m reading something… Any focussing technique suggestions welcome!

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