Starting to experiment … With moulds

So I have had ideas bubbling up for the past couple of weeks regarding a theme or idea or topic around my own practice. It all links back to memory of people and objects but I am still working on an area to target this.

Last night I figured I should start to remember how to go about casting and making and so played around with alginate and plaster.  I was a bit tired and forgot a few key elements such as building up around the hand, creating keys to allow the plaster mould to come off and on and a few other things….
I also threw a whole roll of scrim away and so had to use jay cloths to strengthen the plaster.

The detail picked up by the alginate was very fine although this at the moment is not essential.

Sadly the fingers broke off whilst trying to extract the cast. I probably didn’t leave it long enough to set and was too eagDer to see the finished product.  It has reminded me on what I need to do to create casts now, but I think it’s a while before I cast a head!!!! 

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