A bit more experimentation with some wax and objects….

I wanted to begin casting things in materials I am thinking of using.  Having read a lot around was and shrines and the body parts at the Fatima Church in Portugal where they throw in wax versions of legs and arms etc for health I thought about having a play with beeswax.  Having made candles when I was younger I know that wax picks up detail really well so wanted to see if it would work for what I needed.

I have collected a few objects recently, about what might be an object someone would give someone else or what reminds them of a person.  Pipe, lockets, brooches, glass trinkets, purse….I also collected a few containers, egg cups, dishes just to practice in.  Lolly sticks are the best thing for stirring too and pliers…Just always handy!  Also white tack….!  White tack is amazing.  I’ve had this since I worked on TV sets.  It is so strong!  Recommended instead of blue tack!

So here’s my experimentation…

Bain Marie…Jug and Pan.  I didn’t know but wax can combust so this is the safest
way to melt it.  Stay with i the whole time and keep an eye on it!
Melted wax in the bain marie, ready to pour.  Smells amazing!
I suspended the locket above the container and
poured in the wax around the edge.
When it solidified I couldn’t get the wax out of the container or the
locket out of the wax!!!!! 
Put the wax in the freezer for a few hours and eventually pulled it out
The final imprint in the wax.

Having gone through the whole process I enjoyed getting back to being practical, however I was not as thrilled with the results as i’d first hoped.  It smells really good though!  In retrospect the thing I liked about the silastic T4 that I used last time for my MA (see below picture) was the fact that you could see straight through it and gave a ghostly impression.  There is something called glass wax which you can buy from Tiranti so I think i’ll give that a whirl.  It’s also got me thinking about the type of Store or container I want to make so might have a drawing session too.

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