Literature review and the start of it all!

So it’s been a funny couple of days.  After sanding my floors all weekend, I could not get my head back into reading on Monday morning.  I felt really disorganised even though last week I had a really productive few days.

I managed to:

  • Fill in my high risk ethics form
  • Complete and get signed off my research plan (a bit later than should have)
  • Nearly complete my consent form
  • Put together a portfolio of my work to show wannabe participants. 
This week I need to:
  • Tweak consent form
  • Write a passage about what I want participants to actually do and tell me (i keep putting this off for some reason)
  • Get into my literature review and organise how i’m going to do it!
I thought I was going to be doing my methodology as when I was getting into the ethics form, I touched on this and how I would go about it, but having spoken to colleagues I should be reading.  I just find reading so hard…It feels like i’m not getting anything done, even though when I get into it I realise I am!
So yesterday was more productive as I saw human life and went into work for a few hours and went to the library.  I pulled out loads of books but then started reading “The Essential Guide to Doing Research” by Zina O’Leary.  I thought I needed a bit of self help and actually this has given me some really good tips and ideas!
I have been looking at how to organise the literature review.  Because I will be reviewing fiction, non fiction, philosophers, artists, makers etc I need to have some sort of plan to tackle it. so i’ve split it into sections.
I also need to work out what research has the most relevance so the intersecting areas of literature helped with this and I created this (messy) diagram..
So thats my update… I’m going to continue organising myself today and then try and get on with a bit more writing, maybe i’ll tackle the ‘what participants need to do bit’….eeeeek!
When I’ve done it I will post it up and see if I get any responses on line….So if anyone is reading this then they can get involved!  

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