So the next few weeks I have as ‘Research Weeks’ from work.  After a meeting with my supervisor I showed him my Research Plan and there were a few changes to make (for the better).  It’s hard because when you’ve been writing for a whole day or more you lose sight of what you’ve missed etc.  I have been comparing and contrasting other artists work with my own this morning.  It’s actually weird to read over what you have written and then carry on again, 1 because it sometimes sounds crap and 2 because in the past i hate having to amend things, but i seem to have got the hang of it today.

I also have had a couple fo emails from my old friend Lara Torres, who is in her last year of a PhD at LCF.  It was really great to hear how she is doing and also the fact that PhDs in fashion and fashion practice are happening! 

This week I want to get my plan finished and sent in (well I have to as apparently I’m a month late submitting) and then I want to look at completing my ethics form and consent forms).

This is a list of ‘stuff’ I wrote down to get done over the next few weeks so I might also try and work out what to do from this. I also bought a tub of was so i’d like to start playing with that next week too!

I had an induction on the machinery in Queenstreet Studios which was great as now I’m allowed to go and use the machines too!

Right less ponificating…more writing!!!!

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